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What to eat to lower cholesterol

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Lately, you have been having blood tests, and your doctor tells you that you need to lower your cholesterol. Cholesterol is a substance that the human body generates and is necessary for its proper functioning.

Very often I have met people who believe that dietary cholesterol raises blood cholesterol. This assumption is wrong, because if you eat more, your liver does less, and if you eat less cholesterol it will be forced to do more, but your blood level will not be greatly altered by the cholesterol in food.

I think most people know that there are 2 types of cholesterol. The first is that HDL cholesterol which is called good cholesterol and is responsible for protecting our arteries. The second is LDL cholesterol, also known as bad cholesterol, and is associated with heart disease and heart attack.

People need to know that the first thing they need to do to lower their cholesterol is to avoid it. People should avoid processed foods loaded with sugar and flour as much as possible, as these are the ones that will negatively influence cholesterol production. Good food should be cooked or cooked at home and contain ingredients as natural as possible. There are fish that are rich in omega 3 and help to significantly reduce the level of triglycerides and maintain the correct level of cholesterol.

The second variant is to take omega 3 supplements, but you must know how to choose, avoid cheap products. I recommend consuming a purified fish oil that removes heavy metals, dioxins, and other toxins that may be present in those pearls of fish oil.

In conclusion, if you control your diet you will begin to see how easy it is to control your cholesterol and have a healthy body.