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What is detox

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     I assume that a lot of people know that detoxifying the body is based on consuming certain foods, over a period of time, to cleanse our body and remove impurities, toxins and waste. Here we are looking for a colon cleansing, elimination of accumulated feces and elimination of excess fluids.

     It should not be used as a method of weight loss, as it could cause a health problem, as only fruits and vegetables are usually used for detoxification, and foods such as meat, dairy, eggs and fish are restricted. Therefore, it is better to eat a balanced diet and not replace it with detoxification shakes, but rather that they are a complement.

     Nowadays, many people associate diet products with a diet when they want to lose extra pounds. They need to know that this is not entirely true. What is sold low in fat tends to have higher amounts of salt, sugar and starch than the same products, without being light.

     This is because when the fat in the product is reduced, some of the flavor is lost and to compensate you have to add other substances, so less fat is not equal to healthier. Because they have more salt and sugar, these foods can raise triglycerides and cholesterol.

     Researchers in the field have shown that natural foods are those that come directly from animals or plants such as meat, fruits, vegetables or eggs. This type of food is unprocessed, because in their composition there are no added substances such as salt, sugar, fat sweeteners or additives.

     These foods are identified because they are perishable in the short term, is they change after a few days. We also include frozen, pasteurized, peeled or deboned foods, as they are foods to which no external substances have been added and have not been modified to improve their preservation.

     In conclusion, people need to understand that performing a detox diet is very good for the body, because it will help, at any time, to detoxify our body and feel better. It shouldn’t be our feeding pattern.

     Don’t forget to read the product labels so you can choose the best quality and the best ingredients. Therefore, natural products are the ones that best suit the needs of people and that everyone should eat, because they are the ones that have nothing added.