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5 things that happen to your skin when you squeeze the mud

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Acne can occur at any age, and squeezing the sludge will never be a good option. If you make this mistake, your physical appearance will upset you for a whole week and the following things can happen to you:

  • Infections. Researchers have shown that squeezing mud with your hands does more harm than good to your skin because your hands contain fat, bacteria and dead cells. This study was conducted by the American Academy of Dermatology.
  • Cereals reappear and with more force. After squeezing it, it can bleed, swell and regrow the skin longer.
  • Skin diseases. Tightening them can cause skin irritation, can inflam the skin and last but not least, it can degrade elastic collagen fibers.
  • Scars. Squeezing pimples often aggravates acne and can leave you traces. Acne scars on the face are the most difficult to hide and disappear, so avoid touching your skin as you bleed.
  • Grow the bacteria. Even if you wash your hands, when you do this you will touch, open the skin and expose it to the entry of bacteria. Their entry promotes the release of baskets and baskets.

In addition to these tips, you should know that a balanced, fat-free diet will help you to have impurity-free skin. I recommend that you try home remedies to remedy acne or talk to your dermatologist about acne medicines. Take care of your skin and it looks beautiful at all times.

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