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That’s not love

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If you need someone to be happy … this is not loving. REPRESENTATION OF LIPSA CUIVA.

If you are jealous, insecure and doing everything for someone close, even knowing you are not loved … this is not loving. IT IS A PLACE OF OWN LOVE.

When you think your life is empty without that person … then it means that you can never see yourself alone … and you have a relationship that is over … THIS IS THE PROBLEM IS CALLED DEPENDENT.

If you believe that your loved one will be long and you feel that you have and have your life and your body … this is not loving… THIS IS THE NAME OF EGOISM.

If you do not want to, you do not play the role of a man or a woman with your loved one and you prefer not to have intimate relations with her, but you feel satisfied that you are with her … FRIENDSHIP

If they argue for a reason, they lack the agreement in different situations, they do not like to do the same things … but there is a desire to be intimate together … IT IS NOT THE REPRESENTATION OF LOVE … just a wish

If your heart beats more and your temperature rises and falls when you think of a person … this is not loving…. IT IS A PASSION … for one of the people.

After reading this article, I recommend you analyze what is going on with you and try to attract someone for whom you feel affection, desire, passion, need anxiety. But you have to figure out if the person next to you feels the same as you.


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