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Symptoms of lipedema

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     The symptoms of this condition are as follows:

  • Bilaterality. Specialists in the field say that this condition is bilateral, because there is a part that is always more affected. One of the two legs may be more painful or swollen.
  • Increased pain and tenderness. People need to know that this condition is quite painful on deep palpation and uncomfortable on the surface. In the early stages, it may not be painful. The pain increases with the heat.
  • Disproportion between the lower and upper half of the body.
  • We stick to the buffer. If you suffer from the 2nd fence, you will notice an increase in fat inside and behind the knee.
  • Cup mark (cuff mark): The accumulation of fat ends abruptly above the ankle, forming a kind of edge of the cup. The foot and ankle are not swollen.
  • Internal infracondylar compression (Simarro’s sign). I recommend a thick pinch on the inside of the infracondylar area, if there is lipedema, the pinch will be painful. The same operation must be performed in another area with grease to check that pinching in this area is not painful.
  • Suprapatellar cellulite. When you notice cellulite above the knee and thighs, I recommend that you go to a specialist to get the correct diagnosis.
  • Heredity. Experts in the field say that this condition is hereditary. Genetic pregnancy may or may not occur, but it can be transmitted. The degree of lipedema is not inherited, the sum of the inheritance from both parents could make a higher degree hereditary. This degree can also be increased by poor nutritional habits.
  • Capillary fragility. Erythematous areas have a greater capillary fragility. In lipedema greater than grade II, varicose veins are rarely found. Capillary fragility will cause bruising from minor trauma.
  • The absence was fovea. Because lipedema is an accumulation of fat with an increase in the number and volume of adipocytes, fluid retention will not be as important as fovea production.
  • In addition to the above symptoms, this condition can also benefit from the following symptoms: fatigue, progressive loss of mobility, intestinal permeability. The intestine is the center of inflammation. If the digestions are heavy, the intestine becomes inflamed and causes general inflammation.