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Seaweed for weight loss

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     Few people know that algae grow in size when they come in contact with water, their natural environment, producing a satiating effect and, on the other hand, due to their high iodine intake (seaweed is a food five times richer in iodine than sea water) the functioning of the thyroid gland responsible for burning the carbohydrates we consume and not turning into love handles.

     In the composition of algae there are slimming properties, because they provide mucilage. Mucilage is a type of fiber that stimulates the proper functioning of the large intestine, allowing a good daily disposal of waste, an essential requirement for eliminating excess weight and reaching your ideal weight.

     How is seaweed used to lose weight?

     If you want to lose kg and body fat, you can keep a diet based mainly on salads, fruits and whole grains and regular exercise.

     Seaweed is a good adjuvant due to its content of phenylananine, an amino acid that suppresses the nervous stimulus of appetite in the brain which together with the contribution of iodine, minerals and enzymes helps us accelerate the metabolic process of reducing weight and toxins.

    They can be eaten by humans in the form of capsules, tablets, extracts or in its natural form as if it were a vegetable (look in the Recipes or Nutrition section to see its properties).

    If you are one of those people who want to find a tick effect, we will take them about thirty minutes before meals.

    Before taking algae, such as algae or fucus, which are exceptionally rich in iodine, and especially if there is any possibility of having a problem with the thyroid gland, it is best to ask your doctor or nutritionist.

     The diet of Professor Pier Gildo Bianchi, Italian professor of medicine in gastroenterology and metabolic diseases, is an innovative method that, in addition to weight loss, allows you to stay healthy. People need to know that this type of diet is based on 2 cycles of 10 days each. In the first cycle, the weight is reduced between 5 and 8 kilograms, and in the second cycle of ten days, it is guaranteed to stabilize and maintain the results obtained in the first cycle.

     This doctor’s method consists of a flavored kombu seaweed, a wild fennel and a plum-based fry and a vegetable pate from kombu seaweed, fresh vegetables, herbs and apple.

     The happy marriage of apples together with the proteins, fibers, vitamins and minerals of kombu algae allow you to lose extra pounds, helping you to lose weight and avoiding the weakening of tissues and the formation of wrinkles so feared as a result of weight loss processes.