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Protect your family from the flu

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Family and flu protection – In many cases, the New Year gives us the inspiration to reflect on the attitudes and actions we want to change and improve for the coming year. January starts with a series of goals and goals, but as the months go by, very few people reach their goals, as the most return to the same old story. But when it comes to the health of our family, however, there is a purpose of the New Year that can be easily achieved and accomplished throughout the year.

In places where there is much traffic or contact with many people, more bacteria and viruses that cause the disease gather. In our daily cleaning routine, we attack the places where the microbes are concentrated, we can reduce the spread of infectious diseases, including the flu, which (in the northern hemisphere) reaches its peak in January and February. The contact between the hands and the mouth plays a very important role in the spread of germs.

The 5 places where most microbes accumulate are:

  • Toys. I recommend that you do not often avoid disinfecting toys. This disinfection is done with a bleaching solution or with disinfectant sprays.
  • Phone. Today, the phone is the largest contact between hands and mouth. It is a natural meeting point for influenza germs. You need to clean it frequently with a cloth so that no one gets sick.
  • Door handles. Like the phone, the remote control should be cleaned frequently.
  • In addition to the remote control and telephone and the handles (doors, refrigerator, etc.) present a very high risk of microbes. We will eliminate germs by cleaning them with quick products such as disinfectant cloths.
  • The bathroom. Here are the flu viruses and colds. I recommend that you clean the bath daily with effective cleaning agents against these diseases.
  • Kitchen. I recommend that you do not allow certain unwanted ingredients to slip into the kitchen, as they can be very dangerous to your health. The kitchen should be disinfected daily.

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