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Properties of Lentils

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     This type of legume has been cultivated for many years and is of several types. They are grown in various places with a temperate climate. Researchers say that they are probably some of the most consumed legumes in the world. There are many varieties of lentils that we can choose from when we cook them: red lentils, pardina, Verdana, Castilian.

People need to know that lentils are very rich in protein, and because of this, it is a food that should not be missing in the diet of both children and the elderly. Specialists recommend that it be consumed during pregnancy and lactation and we must not forget that their consumption helps to strengthen the nails, hair, skin, and teeth.

Although they have many health benefits, we must know that people who suffer from gout or are prone to kidney stones should NOT abuse their consumption because lentils contain purines.

     In this article, I will tell you some benefits and properties of lenses. These are:

  • Their main property is that it has a lot of protein in their composition, more than other legumes, and some products of animal origin. They are ideally combined with rice.
  • This is very good if you suffer from heart disease because it lowers cholesterol and fat levels due to their fiber and phytate content.
  • They are highly recommended in diabetes because their carbohydrates are absorbed very slowly.
  • Due to the iron in its composition, it is anti-anemic.
  • Due to their potassium content, it helps to eliminate fluids.
  • In addition to all these benefits, it is also good for preventing depression and mood swings are also properties of lentils.
  • Another of the properties of lentils is their contribution of fibers, both soluble and insoluble, which gives them a high saturation power and helps the intestinal transit to function properly.
  • With the help of their consumption, people will benefit from an interesting amount of fiber that helps our body to function better.
  • Eating lentils helps us take care of our hair and skin.
  • And last but not least, specialists recommend consuming them during pregnancy due to their iron and folic acid content.

In conclusion, I recommend people to try to learn about the properties of lentils because they must be included in any menu.