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Natural therapies

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     These methods have in their composition a set of therapies that use unconventional means and techniques, which, as a general rule, are also outside the attention and expectations of ordinary medical treatments.

Natural therapies are based on traditional knowledge, usually found in places where it survives with cultural and social features where ancestral and traditional are appreciated and which conventional medicine has not reached or delayed due to its costs and associated technical means that they are usually very dependent on technology and specialization.

People need to know that this type of therapy is based on the application of easily accessible and available resources to establish therapies or treatments.

The body of alternative medicine techniques is extraordinarily vast and continues to grow as new, inherited but outdated applications are studied or combined with each other to get the best out of them.

     These types of therapies are considered a healing option for reasons that their promoters consider very obvious:

  • Comprehensive solutions. People who deal with such therapies say that they manage to find surprising solutions for the body and that every physical part can be touched. They are interested in supporting the body’s responses and psychological rebalancing. For naturalists, no physical condition is inseparable from the non-physical, from the emotional.
  • Remedies with better results. In many cases, they have found faster solutions when alternative medicine strategies are adopted. A typical case is that of limb contractions or twists involving muscles and bones. Simple maneuvers with well-directed hands solve the problem decisively.
  • Various treatments. Naturopathic medicine defends its diversity of treatments to emphasize that it is superior in therapeutic approaches to conventional ones which, in some cases, hardly offers a single answer for symptomatology.
  • Simple medicine. People who have discovered such therapies say that these therapies have a very low rate of side effects, which makes it even more attractive. Alternative medicine is, as pointed out, cheap and easy to apply with the means available in the immediate environment or with inherited and well-founded knowledge.