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How to fight gray hair

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     In most cases, the appearance of this type of hair is due to the passage of time, as we age and our hair becomes gray. Over time, the biological mechanism responsible for coloring our hair no longer works and, with it, the natural hair dye disappears and appears. gray hair.

     Due to this process, human hair becomes white and translucent.This fact is still curious, because without pigmentation the hair should be transparent, like the nails, because keratin, an organic substance that forms the hair and nails, that.People need to know that , the cause of gray hair that appears white is due to optical phenomena.

     If we realize, our gray hair does not have the same strength as the rest of our hair. Gray hair is finer, has less shine and is also less flexible, hair quality decreases over time.

      We can talk about two types of gray hair:

  • Premature gray hair. This type of hair appears at a very young age. It usually appears before the age of 20.
  • This type of hair, considered the appearance of completely white hairs (Poliosis) in the middle of a hair that retains its natural color. Vitiligo is often responsible for this type of gray hair.
  • Physiologically gray hair. This type of hair appears with age.

     The appearance of these white strands between our hair can be caused by:

  • In some cases, this problem can be hereditary, because genetic inheritance is an important factor in the appearance of gray hair.
  • Another cause may be diet. Researchers say that a deficiency of minerals or vitamins may be responsible for the appearance of gray hair. It has been shown that a deficiency of iron, copper, zinc, silica or thiamine (vitamin B1) or riboflavin (vitamin B2) can cause alopecia or poor hair color.
  • And last but not least, stress. Situations of personal anxiety, mental concerns are also to blame for the premature appearance of gray hair. It turned out that some people, under worrying circumstances, were suffering from fast ash.

     In this article I will recommend some home remedies to combat gray hair. Their role is to help us fight gray hair in a natural way, without damaging the hair:

  • A first remedy we can fight this type of hair from the inside by taking infusions of horsetail or green tea, one cup a day. We can also eat fresh dandelion leaves and milk thistle in salad.
  • From the outside we can fight gray hair with an infusion of sage, rosemary and thyme by mixing it with our shampoo.
  • People should know that washing your hair with a decoction of 60 g of female flowers Abrotano and Santolina is also a good help for preventing and combating gray hair.