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Natural and Homemade Make-up Removers

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Natural makeup removers are the best alternative to clean our face from makeup and in general all the impurities we receive during the day.

The natural make-up removers that we are going to tell you can easily be done at home, the ingredients are completely natural, so they will give your skin many benefits without contraindications.

Do not forget to choose the make-up remover according to your skin type, although they are natural, dry skin does not have the same needs as oily or combination skin.

Tibia Milk

It can be used for dry or very sensitive skin, you just need to warm some milk and with the help of a cotton ball or doorknob moisten it with milk and clean your face.

Do it gently and as many times as necessary until your face is clean of all impurity, in the end, rinse the face with water and ready, you have your face clean and at the same time you have hydrated and nourished.


You can use olive oil, coconut oil, almond oil, canola oil or jojoba oil, they are very effective in cleansing the skin while moisturizing it.

It is recommended for all skin types since despite being oil it does not leave a greasy sensation on the skin and on the contrary it moisturizes it a lot.

You just have to moisten the cotton or cloth and clean your face, you can take advantage to make gentle massages and let the skin absorb the oil.


They are an ideal option to clean the skin and in the most natural way, you can make an infusion of chamomile, green tea, rosemary or thyme.

Moisten the cotton or cloth with the water and clean your face, you can add a few drops of lemon, act as an astringent on the skin.

Mix the infusions if you want, you can prepare it for the week and store the infusion in a container, change each week of plant or mix them.

Water of roses

You can buy it at a health food store or beauty store, moisten a pommel or cotton and clean your skin gently, no matter if you only put on your eyes, clean your entire face.

Rosewater is also an excellent ally to delay the signs of aging while cleaning your skin, you can reduce acne marks, it is also good for open pores.

Rosewater provides many benefits to the skin, balances the production of fat so it is super recommended for combination and oily skin, controls the skin’s pH and also softens it.

Why you should remove your skin every night?

During the day our skin accumulates impurities, grease, dirt, and traces of makeup, so it is almost mandatory that every night we clean our skin, in this way the pores are clean and open, avoiding the appearance of acne.

Daily cleansing also helps us to delay the signs of aging such as expression lines or wrinkles, prevents skin from becoming dehydrated and eyelashes getting weaker.

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