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Preparation of homemade firming cream

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     What is a firm cream?

The role of this cream is to smooth, strengthen and tone the skin, acting on its elastic fibers. Any daily activity that man manifests causes the skin to stretch and shrink constantly, which influences our skin to deform. This deformation results in stretch marks.

As soon as people start using good loading creams, this problem will diminish or in some cases will disappear.

     The benefits of this type of cream

The firm cream has the role of regenerating the tissues. To take advantage of its benefits of constant hydration and protection, you must use this cream daily. As I said, strong creams tone and strengthen the skin, preventing the deterioration of elastic fibers. Besides all these benefits, they can still fight and grow old skin.

     Homemade firm cream

Today, there are many creams on the market to care for all parts of the body, but if you decide to buy any of these creams, you must pay close attention to what these creams contain, and then choose the ones that do not have in their chemical composition. The more natural the cream, the better it is for your skin.

In this article, I will give you a recipe to prepare a natural homemade cream. If you are constantly in use, you will get very good results.

When you decide to make a homemade cream, you will need a 50ml glass jar, a wooden spoon to mix the products and a crystal bowl to mix.

     Homemade shea buttercream


  •  100% natural shea butter
  • then you will need 100% rose oil
  • Rosemary essential oil. It has the role of toning and loading the skin
  • orange essential oil because it provides vitamin C
  • and not least, geranium essential oil (consolidation)

Method of preparation:

  • heat 50 grams of shea butter, 100% pure, in a water bath until it has a consistency of oil.
  • after obtaining the consistency you will add 2 drops of cranberry oil
  • finally, when the products start to cool, add five drops of rosemary, orange and geranium oil. In total, 15 drops of oil will be added.

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