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Flower essences for weight loss

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     Researchers say that these flower essences are very put for people suffering from obesity or overweight because they help resolve the emotional and psychological conflicts behind this problem.

     At the same time, they also say that there are certain flower essences to lose weight, because they do not make us lose weight directly, but rather help control anxiety, unlock the mind and emotions and help to become aware of eating habits and the relationship with the food.

     The way we relate to food is very much related to our emotional world. The need to feed does not always mean food; From the moment we are born, we must feed on affection, love, affection, because personal safety depends on it. It is important to highlight the relationship between food and mother.

     When we are immersed in stressful circumstances or feel frustrated, lonely, bored, confusing food with emotions is something that usually happens very often, it creates a vacuum that we place in the solar plexus (stomach pit) that is necessary to fills as.

     In most cases, obesity occurs after a divorce or the loss of a loved one, because emotions such as sadness, pain or anger can cause us to overeat or even eat without being hungry or after hours. Then we can use, as a great support, flower essences to lose weight.

     It goes without saying that in order to lose weight it is necessary to re-educate eating habits and control the intake of calories by spending them according to the particular activity of each person.

     People need to understand that there are no great diets to lose weight, but there are many overweight people who can spend half their lives trying to lose weight and starting a diet on Monday to drop it on Wednesday. There are many efforts used and, despite them, they cannot get out of the obsession that food represents.

     Specialists in the field say that this floral therapy is always personalized and that there are no flower essences to lose weight. These essences are a support in weight loss, which is very important.

     In the first phase in which the person decides to lose weight, it is necessary to strengthen the commitment and discipline with the diet or exercise program, as well as to help break the habits.

     The essences that these models work on are:

  • WEDDING Cough, for engagement.
  • MONGA WARATA, MARORY GLORY, WALNUT or BUTLEBRUSH, to break the acquired habits and promote change. Generally, specialists recommend this form for the first 21 days. After this time, the changes that have taken place are reviewed and, if necessary, the above are reinforced, but it is important to start with the specific training that each person needs to understand what is happening in their emotional world that leads. to overweight.

     The essences that will help you are:

  • AGRIMONY, for anxiety.
  • CHERRY THROUGH, brings serenity and control at meal time.
  • IMPATIENS, due to the hurry, helps to chew food well and requires the necessary time.
  • If in personal history there are experiences (real or imagined) of abandonment, if there was or there is an emotional deficiency, the person must literally “get in”, even get up at night to eat something.