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     People need to understand that it is not just about women. Fertility takes into account 2 parts of the couple, both the quality of the semen and the inside of the woman, so I recommend you start to get to know your body better and understand the fertile days in preparation for conception.

     Mucus or discharge. This fluid occurs due to hormonal changes that the body undergoes during the menstrual cycle. Women should know that they are fertile only in the days close to ovulation, when the production of this mucus increases. This fluid is necessary for the sperm to survive and be mobile. You need to have good hydration to produce good quality cervical mucus to get good fertility.

     Basal temperature recording. Specialists recommend taking the temperature every morning to see which model follows. If you ovulate, you will notice an increase in temperature due to the secretion of progesterone. Temperatures drop again if there was no fertilization and menstruation arrives.

     Record your menstrual cycle. You need to know the menstrual cycle to know the type of cervical mucus, vaginal sensation, symptoms, bleeding days and spots.

     It is necessary to evaluate that everything works perfectly, for the conception to take place. Our body must be healthy and well nourished for fertility.