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Embodied nail remedies

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     Ingrown toenails or onicocriptosis

This problem affects the toes, especially the thumb. This problem is manifested by incorporating part of the nail into the soft area of ​​the skin. Due to this manifestation pain, wounds, inflammation, infections, and problems appear. Onicocryptosis is the medical name of embedded nails. This problem arises because of:

  • People with the largest volume of the finger have more chances to develop this medical condition
  • people who wear inappropriate shoes have every chance to develop this problem. Nor are synthetic materials that do not allow adequate perspiration
  • foot baths with very hot water that softens the tissues
  • may occur due to a fungal infection

     The best remedies for cross nails are:

  • first of all, this problem should be avoided by cutting in a straight line and not rounding the toenails. This way you can avoid the chips that can get stuck in the skin or the hardness of the contours. It is advisable to cut them in time so that the shoes do not rub
  • shoes that do not conform to hygiene or are made of synthetic materials should be discarded
  • drying nails after shower avoids mushroom proliferation if this problem occurs, you need to do a thorough cleaning several times a day, then dry well and bandage with a thin gauze. during treatment, avoid tight shoes and use an antibacterial cream for infection
  • to avoid putting onions, garlic or similar products on the wound. Even if they contain bactericidal agents, the action can be counterproductive.
  • do not cut your nails until the nail has grown and does not hurt

     Cross-nail treatment

In case you notice that home products can no longer help you do not avoid calling a specialist. A podiatrist can help you treat the area with the tools and medicines you need. If the infection has spread, you will need a painful operation, which involves removing the diseased nail.

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