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Diet and natural therapies for nasal congestion

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Nasal congestion is an obstruction of the nostrils, which occurs as a result of inflammation of the mucosa that aligns the inner walls of the nostrils.

Inflammation causes the production of excess mucus, which makes breathing difficult and even in some cases causes redness and stinging of the upper lip and nose.

     Natural therapies for nasal congestion are:

Phytotherapy. If you suffer from this nasal congestion, hydration is very important, because with it you can evacuate the mucus, but there are some remedies during the life of the grandmother to clean the airways. These are:

  • Steam with eucalyptus leaves. This remedy has the role of opening the airways and helping to expel the accumulated mucus and phlegm.
  • Onion. You need to put a chopped onion on the nightstand. Its role is to help recover from nasal congestion.
  • Chamomile is used in the same way as eucalyptus, ie in steam and as an infusion.
  • Echinacea. Its role is to reduce the possibility of pathogens to act. They cause nasal congestion.

Copper-Gold-Silver. This therapy is recommended for people who need energy, in case of colds and nasal congestion. It works very well in chronic cases.

Acupuncture. Although very few people know, it is very good for decongesting the nostrils, it increases our body’s Qi for a quick recovery and prevention.

Homeopathy is very often used in nasal congestion, but especially in cases where there is an allergic congestion.

     Diet for nasal congestion

I think everyone knows that a proper diet is one of the remedies for nasal congestion that we can resort to. These tips can help us:

  • If we are congested, please avoid dairy products (according to the vision of the naturopathic medicine) and excess flour (bread, cereals, pasta)
  • Few people realize that spicy foods help a lot in fighting this problem. The foods are: ginger, pepper, chili, garlic, wasabi, etc. One of the best remedies for this problem is the ginger infusion.