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How to cure sick lips and you can have them perfect

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     People should know that the histological characteristics of the lips differ from the rest of the skin on the body. They are mucous, have no melanin and are more vulnerable and sensitive. People should also know that the lips have much less sebaceous glands, and because of this they dry out and need constant hydration.

     Experts say that lip regeneration is 4 times faster than the rest of the skin. However, the lips decrease one millimeter every five years, being a feature of old age.

     Mostly the lips dry out due to exposure to sun, wind, cold and water, so you need to take these factors into account, because they cause the lips to lose their natural lubricants. Dehydration and low sebum production also cause dry lips.

     Some experts say that chapped lips can be a symptom of an imbalance in the body. Thus, by treating the symptoms, we mask the cause. They also recommend special lip creams. Facial creams are not worth it because they do not have the same hydrating and penetrating power. The most lipstick-like cream is the eyelid cream that works well as a substitute.

     In order to benefit from good and healthy goodies, you must have a good hygiene. Dermatologists recommend cleaning the lips with an extra soft brush, performing a light massage that increases circulation and causes a subtle increase in volume.

     If you want to take advantage of natural products, I recommend pineapple or papaya compresses and any fruit with moisturizing properties. During the night, it is recommended to apply a repairing cream with moisturizers with cocoa and olive oil, so as to act while you sleep. During the day, people can use sunscreen, lipsticks with this condition and which also contain vitamin E as an antioxidant.

     People need to know that nowadays, there are many factors to consider when caring for their lips. Winter is the time of year when the lips suffer the most, dry out and crack in the cold.

     Don’t forget to keep your lips hydrated, protected and illuminated. To achieve this, it is essential to always use a lip balm. The color that will bring more light to the lips is pink and its entire range. Brown and red must be booked for the night.

     If you want your lips to stand out and attract attention, you can apply lip gloss, starting from the middle of the mouth to the ends. It can be applied alone or over the lipstick. If small wrinkles have appeared around the contour of the lips, a repairing lotion can be applied over the usual night cream.