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Causes of being overweight and the importance of diet

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     The best way to lose unwanted pounds in a healthy way is to quickly and easily attack the root problem, the emotional one. Anyone who measures more than his height indicates depending on height, structure and age, eats messy, and the vast majority they do it for two basic reasons: “Anxiety and self-sabotage.”

All this is the result of poorly digested emotions such as anger, trauma, low self-esteem, fear, sadness, anxiety, and/or stress, practically. Others have been generated as a result of all this (guilt, resentment, anger, self-confidence, irritability, discouragement, etc.) or the consequence of toxins that, adding genetics, culture, and the environment, are dynamite.

If people want to follow a weight loss diet, they must consider the caloric concept, the combination of foods, the origin of obtaining protein, the quality of carbohydrates, etc.

To combat obesity, your program should include the basic principles of holistic naturopathic medicine; proper diet, proper exercise, and positive mental attitude, and the basic equation remain unchanged.

Because, even with the most perfect diet and the most effective exercise plan, it is vital to improve the feelings that overweight people have about themselves and to realize if food replaces other joys in life. The body and mind take time to regain their normal weight.

If you follow a diet, you should not expect immediate results, because the body needs a certain consistency. Another tip is to not weigh yourself too often.

Ignore the advertising that promises a miraculous result with the extract of any of the remedies offered. Also, don’t take the opportunity to eat fatty or high-sugar foods with the excuse that you are taking the natural fat burner.

In conclusion, the best way to lose weight is to combine a healthy diet without abusing calories, accompanied by regular exercise, and then support of these home remedies to lose weight.