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Apply essential oils safely

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    People need to know that these essential oils are plant extracts, which are highly concentrated. Experts say that they can cause unwanted side effects or toxicity if not applied correctly. Keep in mind that these oils are not drugs and do not replace medical treatments and in some cases may interact with certain drugs.

     High quality essential oils should always be chosen, not everything that is sold is essential oil, today we find many synthetic oils that are sold as essential oils.

     It is not possible to generalize about the safety of essential oils, as each has its own considerations regarding the percentage of application and contraindications. People need to consider the following general considerations that apply to everyone:

  • First of all, these types of oils are not used internally or orally. This practice is reserved exclusively at the discretion of a medical professional.
  • Never use intramuscularly or intravenously
  • If you are one of the people who suffer from allergies, I recommend that you tell the professionals in the field, because sensitivity tests can be performed on a substance (patch test). It is also recommended for people with sensitive or reactive skin.
  • Never apply pure (undiluted) essential oils in these areas: genitals, anus, armpits, skin, ear canal, groin, eyes.
  • Keep out of reach of children.

     Experts in the field say that accidents can occur if these essential oils come into contact with the eyes or involuntary ingestion. In the first case, the first thing to do is to apply vegetable oil (olive, sesame, etc.) on the eyes to dilute it and reduce its effect. Oil and water do not mix, therefore applying water will not help us.

     In case of accidental ingestion, take between 1-10 tablespoons of vegetable oil to reduce irritation of the digestive mucosa, DO NOT cause vomiting and go to the emergency room with the container of what has been ingested.

     Whatever accident you have, I recommend you go to a doctor or the emergency room.

     Reactions and toxicity

     A quality essential oil administered by a professional is very safe, you will always take into account the technical specifications of essential oils, their contraindications, interactions and the recommended percentage of use. / or lesions, but also toxicity, neurotoxicity and hepatotoxicity.